James Harden did, in fact, travel when he pulled off an outrageous double step-back against Ricky Rubio on Monday night.

If the video footage itself wasn't enough to convince you, NBA refs have released a statement today outlining exactly why it was illegal and should have been whistled for a traveling violation.

"The offensive player gathers the ball while on his right foot. He then takes a step with his left foot (step 1) into a hop step, landing first with his right foot (step 2) and then illegally with his left (step 3). We missed this one - it is a traveling violation."


Harden finished with a game-high 47 points to go along with six rebounds, five assists and five steals as the Rockets recorded their fourth-straight victory. After the game, both Rubio and Harden were asked about the controversial step-back.


"You watch the play? What do you think?" Rubio said when asked whether he thought Harden traveled, not wanting to get fined for criticizing officiating. "I'm not going to answer, but I think 100 percent of the people know the answer."

Harden didn't deny that he got away with a walk.

"What do you want me to say? Tell on myself?" Harden said.

Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas also chimed in on twitter: "Come on cuz lol... There letting that happen now? Lol I’m really bout to be unguardable."