The NBA's disciplinary committee represented by KikiVanDeWeghe was quick to report to the Staples Center to investigate the brawl that took place in the 4th quarter of the 124-115 Houston Rockets win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Adrian Wojnarowski has indicated via Twitter, that suspensions are likely to be dispensed as a result of the disruption. A few culprits come to mind almost immediately.

For starters, Brandon Ingram was in his emotional bag and could face the harshest discipline of the bunch for two good reasons: he instigated the fight, and secondly, he rejoined the melee after being withheld by Lance Stephenson, who seems to be relishing the chance to play mentor at this stage of his career.

Then you've got Chris Paul who stuck his finger in the face of a prideful Rajon Rondo, who as you know always comes to the defense of his younger teammates. The notion that Rajon Rondo spat in Chris Paul before they both came to blows is highly disputable, but it seems to be the story the Houston Rockets' brass is sticking to. "Yeah, that's unacceptable. You don't do that to nobody—in sports, on the streets, that's blatant disrespect right there," Carmelo Anthony said of the alleged spitting incident.