Tampering in the NBA has been a touchy subject as of late. Ever since reports came out that Anthony Davis wanted out of New Orleans, the NBA has been on high alert for teams that might be talking to the star or are trying to actively recruit Davis which would be a violation of league rules. One of the people who got hit with a fine for tampering was Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry who had this to say after finding out the Bucks were on a shortlist of teams for Davis to be traded to:

"I saw that report, and I think it's great," Lasry said according to Sporting News. "It's a little bit of what we want. We want players to come and play in Milwaukee. And part of it is, when you're winning and you're setting a standard for excellence, people see that. People want to win. We hope it would be players like Anthony Davis and others who want to come to Milwaukee."

Harry How/Getty Images

The fine was worth $25,000 and was issued for breaking the league rule that you can't actively recruit a player on another team. Davis ended up staying with the Pelicans and is being given reduced playing time.

Meanwhile, the Bucks are thriving with a record of 41-14, giving them the best record in the league.