The NBA G League will be implementing a new free throw rule in the upcoming season in an effort to "improve game flow and reduce the length of games."

According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, when a player goes to the three throw line they will only take one shot, and that shot will be worth either one, two or three points depending on what kind of act they were in when the foul occurred. For instance, if a player is fouled while shooting a three, their one free throw will be worth three points. On made baskets, the "and-one" free throw will obviously still count as one point. Simple enough.


"Officials estimate that moving to a "one foul shot for all the points" model will shave between six and eight minutes off of each G League game, says Brad Walker, head of basketball operations for the league."

The G League will revert back to traditional free throw rules for the last two minutes of regulation and overtime, officials say. 

According to Lowe, Walker says that the average G League game lasted two hours and five minutes last season and the hope is that the new "one free throw" rule will get the games inside a two-hour broadcast window, something that league officials have been eyeing for years.