In the past week a couple of videos have surfaced that show DeMarcus Cousins calling out heckling fans with such pleasantries as, "suck a dick bitch" and "sit your fat ass down."

The first instance took place at the Staples Center when a Lakers fan seated behind the scorer's table heckled Cousins on his way to the bench, calling him "fat boy". A couple of days later in Utah, a fan called out Boogie for being soft to which he replied, "sit your fat ass down."

The fans were asking for it and they had their cameras rolling in hopes of eliciting that type of response, but Boogie's that's obviously not a good look for Adam Silver and the NBA.

Today, the league has fined the Pelicans' All-Star $50,000 for that "inappropriate language" directed toward fans.

That won't stop opposing fans from jawing at him but it will probably put an end to Boogie's brief run of entertaining comebacks.