The 2018 NBA Finals are set and if you're a basketball connoisseur, or simply think you've got a good feel for this matchup, it's a great opportunity to win money and prizes (and bragging rights) against your friends. 

FaceOff, the one of a kind peer-to-peer sports challenging platform, allows you to challenge your friends & others before and after the game with real prizes at stake. The best part is, you're in control of your winnings, meaning you can play for instant prizes, stash them for later, or move them to the leaderboard for instant cash prizes. On top of that, you can get a FREE $20 in chips when registering, without putting any money down, by using our promo code "HNHH."

How it works:

  • Select the sporting event (IE: Game 1 NBA Finals) you would like to make a challenge on
  • Use the FaceOff Chips you have available to create a challenge on Game 1
  • Then, send out the challenge to either:
  1. A friend you have on the site directly 
  2. The open market for it to be accepted by any user on the site
  • Lastly, all you have to do is track the scores and see who wins

Once you've received your winning FaceOff chips they can be used to play in other social challenges against friends and others, or you can you can play skill-based games in order to cash out immediately via PayPal.

For Game 1 of the NBA Finals, we're supremely confident that the Golden State Warriors are going to dismantle LeBron James and the Cavs. If you want to take us up on that challenge, click here and use our promo code: "HNHH" to get a free $20 Chip Bonus when registering your account.

For more information, check out the tutorial video below.