Long before OKC fans witnessed the heartbreak of having their star player, Kevin Durant, leave for another city, Seattle Supersonics fans had their hearts ripped out by the NBA. And unlike OKC fans, the Sonics didn't have a Russell Westbrook plan to fall back on- they had nothing. 

Seattle has been without a basketball squad since 2008, when talks with the city for a new arena had broken down and the team was subsequently moved to Oklahoma. However, there is some new hope that suggest basketball might be returning to Seattle in the near future.

The NBA recently announced a new television contract which included "expansion escalators," meaning if the league were to expand they could get more money out of the deal. And everybody loves more money.

SonicRising.com writer Kevin Nesgoda reached out to multiple members of the media and other league personnel who gave some promising insight regarding whether or not expansion was on the table.

Here's some of what they said

"It [expansion] is definitely on the table and being discussed."

"I’ve heard there are 14 definitely for it."

"If Seattle had a new building, they would pass expansion."

"With no arena, you’d get 14, maybe 16, votes toward expansion."

"An hour after Seattle approves their arena, they’d have an offer in hand."

We don't want to read to much into that or generate any unrealistic expectations, but it certainly looks as though all Seattle needs is a place for a team to play and an expansion would shortly follow. 

Nesgoda also reports that expansion bidding could be announced as early as December and although other cities like Louisville, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Vancouver will be fighting for their own NBA franchise, Seattle would have to be the front runner if their city council can figure shit out and get an arena built.

If Seattle builds it, they will come.