The Boston Celtics have the best of both worlds right now. Not only are the Celtics the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference heading into the NBA Playoffs, but they also have the best odds at getting the #1 draft pick in June. Shoutout to the Nets.

Of course, it all depends on where the ping pong balls land at the Draft Lottery next month.

Some interesting scenarios to look out for, other than the fact that Brooklyn's #1 pick is going to Boston, per ESPN,

1) The Lakers will send their first-round pick to the 76ers if it falls outside the top three.

2) The Sixers own the rights to swap picks with the Kings inside the top 10. If the pick falls out of the top 10, it will go to the Bulls.

3) The Knicks and Wolves tied, so they will split the odds (pingpong-ball combinations) apportioned for 6th and 7th in the lottery.

The 2017 NBA Draft Lottery will be determined on May 16th at 8pm EST on ESPN.

Check out the odds below.