Boris Diaw played 14 NBA seasons as a versatile big, he made the announcement while at sea with his fellow compatriots Ronny Turiaf and Tony Parker. The twenty minute video has been abridged to this 16-second clip, where Diaw in conversation with the others, confirms his retirement in an all-too casual manner. Diaw spent last season in his native France, in order to be closer to his yacht, and the French coastline.

Although Diaw was never viewed as an elite talent at any point of his career, he became the perfect embodiment of defensive versatility in the modern game. His ability to guard numerous positions on the floor, as well his competence as a playmaker made him a venerable fit wherever he went. His stints with the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs stick out as the two most memorable runs of his career, the latter producing an NBA championship in 2014. Diaw is noted for leading all Spurs players in assists during the 2014 Finals which they won in comeback fashion against LeBron's Miami Heat.

A few of his ex teammates and fellow NBAers made sure he wasn't going out without a clang.