While Nav's Reckless didn't exactly herald much in the way of stylistic change, it proved a worthwhile addition to his catalog nevertheless. Boasting guest appearances from Travis Scott, Quavo, and Lil Uzi VertReckless also happened to feature a solo banger called "Glow Up." The track itself found Nav on his worst behavior, spitting bars like "said that she don't got no boyfriend but sure, I grabbed her ass and she call me a perv," and firing proverbial shots at all the "broke boys" and haters in the mix. Now, it would appear that "Glow Up" is landing a remix, with an increasingly active Lil Uzi Vert coming through for the assist.

As stated earlier, it's not the first time Nav and Lil Uzi have joined forces, having previously united for "Wanted You." Clearly, the chemistry must have been worthwhile, as the pair have decided to keep the streak alive. Taking to Instagram, Nav and Lil Uzi alike hyped the upcoming song in their stories, with Nav himself providing a snippet. On Nav's story, captured below and reposted by Uzi, the XO rapper writes "Omg Uzi is on Glow up remix I can't wait. Should we drop this?" 

The recent hype would suggest a Thursday drop, as tradition dictates. Keep a watchful eye for "Glow Up Remix," featuring Lil Uzi Vert.