Toronto's music scene has been blowing up for a minute, ensuring that Canada can be looked at as a blossoming country for talented artists and not just as "that cold place North of the U.S." Aside from the obvious names like Drake, Nav has been making a strong case for himself after a few forceful projects and singles. Having touched down in London, it was inevitable that Nav would catch up with Tim Westwood, one of the industry's most personable figures in terms of interviewing. Nav touched on all things about his upcoming album, his relationship with XO, The Weeknd, and Drake.

On his new album, Nav says that he's more involved than ever in the production process, which will make his fans happy as they've been wishing for more Nav production. While he doesn't go heavy in detail about the album, he does say that there will be some big features with "no wack artists." He name drops Lil Uzi Vert as one name we can expect, hinting that "Wanted You" will be on the album, which is likely to be formally announced next month.

At the forefront of Toronto's new generation, Nav has worked closely with The Weeknd, signing with XO and referring to Abel as "a dope person and humble as s-it." Tim Westwood also brings up Drake, with Nav agreeing that once he got airtime on OVO Sound Radio, he started to really gain traction. Watch the full video below to see Tim's rare interview with Nav.