With every album he drops, Nav further establishes himself as an artist to watch -- that's not to say he wasn't always worthy of attention, but it seems as if he's growing increasingly confident. Especially if his upcoming single "Saint Laurenttt" is any indication, it would appear that the trend is likely to continue across Good Intentions. 


C Flanigan/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Hours after unveiling the complete tracklist to his upcoming album, which arrives this Friday, Nav has come through with a new trailer for one of the album's singles. In the clip, Nav sits behind the wheel in a contemplative state, no doubt ruminating on the lack of new Vee-Vees, or perhaps the devastating loss of Toronto Raptors basketball.

From the sound of it, his production skills are being given ample spotlight; vocally, Nav's melodic cadence transforms into a smoldering and pitched-down variant, giving off a monstrous effect befitting of his nocturnal tendencies. Lest we forget, Nav is no stranger to dark rituals, with some even speculating that the affable Canuck has taken on the mantle of Dark Lord himself. Yet behind all the hedonism, materialism, and lust, stands a man whose intentions are GOOD -- or at the very least, so he says. Look for the album to explore things further when it hits this Friday. Are you excited for that new Nav?