The XO label is home to some of Canada's most talented artists in the game. The Weeknd is the most recognizable name on the label but he's also made an effort in scoping and help expose new talent to a larger market including Nav. While he's often referred to as a rapper, he was producing prior to the fame. He's fresh off of the release of his latest project, Reckless but he also landed production credit on one of the bigger project releases from this weekend.

Nav is credited as a composer on Jay-Z and Beyonce's joint album as The Carters, Everything Is Love. The Toronto producer/rapper is credited as a co-producer on "Friends." According to TIDAL's credits, Nav and Sevn Thomas have co-production credit while Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, Jay-Z and Beyonce serve as the song's producers. It's a major accomplishment but it isn't as shocking as it seems. Jay-Z signed Belly to Roc Nation in 2015. In addition, XO's Amir "Cash" Esmailain landed composer credits on the song as well.

Say what you will about Nav but he's put in the ground work to get where he is now. He recently released his latest album, Reckless but he's already revealed that he's preparing a follow up to his collaborative mixtape with Metro Boomin. He's yet to reveal when that will be released but we're looking forward to it.