A major part of Lil Yachty's unstoppable rise to fame has been his mastery of the nautical aesthetic, so it's only natural that his latest fashion partnership comes with the brand Nautica, for whom Yachty has been named a creative designer. The alliance is surprising in that Yachty is King of the Teens and Nautica is mostly supported by men over 40 who can't afford the nearby Polo rack. But seeing Yachty rock the brand -- which he's been doing for a long time now -- gives the sailing-inspired gear a whole new life. 

Yachty was the face of Nautica's new line for Urban Outfitters in November, and the company recently tapped the 19-year-old trendsetter for its new lookbook, which you can see here. It turns out that Nautica inspired Yachty's decision to give his brand such a maritime focus in the first place. Now that he's an official creative designer, Yachty will help Nautica develop upcoming collections as well as digital media campaigns. 

“We are excited to be collaborating with Lil Yachty this year,” said Karen Murray, president of Nautica in a press release. “He is much more than just a music artist. He is a creative soul. His innate passion and affinity for the brand, fabulous taste level and the way he looks in our clothes, make him the perfect partner for the Nautica brand.”

It looks like Yachty will be leading the Sailing Team to unchartered waters in 2017. Watch Yachty try on some of Nautica's freshest new threads in the below video.