After 50 Cent got his Instagram account taken away from him (for good this time?), he moved over to Twitter to continue his troll efforts. We all know how much the rapper-turned-entrepreneur loves disrespecting his peers and enemies. For the last half-decade, he's remained relevant partly through his usage of social media. Of course, Curtis Jackson is also making incredible moves across entertainment platforms but, in the public eye, much of what nets him headlines comes from his social activity. This week, he strangely went after his Power co-star Naturi Naughton with hurtful memes about her hairline, getting his commenters up in arms. Now, the actress has responded to the message with one of her own, truly expressing her confusion regarding the matter.

"Did we have a fight and I not know about it?" asked Naughton in a reply. She then took things to IG for a lengthier reaction. "There’s so much I wanna say but... You don’t even have an Instagram account so," she started. "Why waste my characters or come out of my CHARACTER!"

In the initial response, Naturi added hashtags that seem to suggest her excitement for Power to finally be finished. The presence of her "#SoMuchForPowerFam" and "#FinalSeason" tags hint that she's ready to split entirely from Jackson.

Did 50 cross a line?