The rap game is filled with natural born hustlers, that much is undeniable. It is truly astonishing, looking at how so many MCs, since the inception of the genre itself, have successfully used hip-hop as a platform to become titans of multiple industries. Even though Jay Z (spoiler alert: he’s on this list) was the one who coined the phrase “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man,” he has not been the only rapper to make it a reality. With Hov dipping his feet into the pot of musical streaming services with TIDAL and Snoop Dogg lobbying to be the CEO of Twitter (honestly, not a bad choice), rappers are finding new and exciting ways to lead businesses that are increasingly accessible to their audiences.

In the wake of Forbes' highest-paid celebrities list, on which a few of the names on this list land (but not all), we take a look at five rappers who turned into CEOs.