One of Nate Dogg's baby mama's is still trying to get money out of the singer, even two years after his death. 

A woman named Shereda Williams recently filed a creditor's claim against Nate's estate, claiming his estate owes her $339,924 in unpaid child support. Apparently, Nate was supposed to pay Williams $4,358 a month, but he never did a single payment. The child was born in 2006.

The baby mama is demanding the estate make the payments, including ones that have accumalted since Nate's death in 2011.


[Update: Two More Baby Mamas Step In]

According to TMZ, the plot has thickened in the case of Nate Dogg's posthumous child-support payments. A legal document filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, shows that Rhoda Mouton is attempting to deny a request from Omena Norris for support for a child she conceived with Nate in 2006.

Mouton also has a child with Nate, who is now a teenager, and claims that Norris is lying in her filing. According to Mouton, Norris receives $694 a month form Nate's estate, even though she had reported to have received no Social Security payments whatsoever.

Mouton then argues that because of the attempted deception, and failure to state why her support should be bumped to $1,846 a month from $1,624, the judge should deny the request entirely.

She then takes things even further, by suggesting that the judge should drop Norris' support to $802 a month.

No ruling has been made at this time.