UFC President Dana White says there is "absolutely no truth" to Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier's claims of a new 165-pound championship belt. Diaz and Poirier are currently scheduled to fight in a non-title 155-pound contest at UFC 230 in November, but last night both fighters revealed plans to fight in the nonexistent 165-pound division.

Diaz was first to make the announcement on twitter, writing, "I’m Happy to announce that I’m bringing a new weight devision to the Ufc I’ll be fighting the main event November 3rd in nyc against Dustin Poirier for the first ever 165lb belt superfighter devision I’m happy to be apart of history @ufc@danawhite." Shortly thereafter, Poirier tweeted, "Its been a long journey but here we are. NYC 1st ever 165lb Title in the UFC! #THEREWILLBEBLOOD #THUGJITSU."

According to ESPN's Brett Okamoto, Dana White said he was unaware of Diaz's and Poirier's announcements and that he is still working on a main event for the UFC 230 card at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 3. That said, Diaz and Poirier are insisting that they should fight for a new belt in the main event.

Diaz tells ESPN point blank, "I'm fighting for that main event 165-pound title." Poirier also took to twitter with the following after White's comments: "I hear UFC is searching for a main event when they have one already. It's me vs Nate. 165 pound title. A main event for the people. Stop searching, Dana. We got this. Let's go."