Natalie Portman had a leading role in the first two movie installments of Marvel's Thor and was then noticeably absent in the third film, Thor: Ragnarok. However, her absence in the MCU will come to an end since the actress will be coming back in the upcoming film based on the man with a mighty hammer. 

"They came to me with the idea and said, 'We have this idea for you that was a storyline in some of the comics where Jane becomes Lady Thor,' and I was like, 'This is very exciting,'" Portman explained to Entertainment Tonightexpaining why she wasn't in the recent film. "Obviously, I wasn't written into [Thor: Ragnarok] because of where it took place. It wasn't really on Earth, and my character is on Earth."

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The movie will be directed by Taika Waititi, a reason why Portman was so eager to continue her role in the franchise. "I love Tessa [Thompson] and Chris [Hemsworth] so much, so it's exciting to work with them again," she added. "And I'm very excited to wield the hammer."

Thor: Love And Thunder was first announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and the movie arrives in the year 2021.