Think about this for a moment, Nas fans. His last album, Life Is Good, dropped in 2012, and many felt that Nas delivered a project that honored his veteran status in the rap game. Grown-ass topics like fatherhood and divorce were approached with the lyricism and introspective sense we've come to expect from Mr. Jones. Still, after nearly five years of absence, we're ready for some new Nas.

In a recent profile done by the New York Times, the publication spent an evening with Nas, discussing food and music. The write-up describes Nas listening to some beats, vibing out and choosing his favorites, but the real enticing moment comes at the end. When asked about his upcoming album, which we know is being worked on, Nas played the "get hype" card.

“Two weeks. I always say I’m two weeks away from finishing," says Nas. “We coming this summer, baby! It’s going to be a hot summer up here, man!”

So there you have it. Are you ready for the summer of Nas?