Nas recently revealed he was already laying the groundwork for a twelfth studio album. In a new interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97, Nas explains how he's in a great place musically at the moment, he also discusses being named the "best lyricist of all time" by a CNN critic, as well as his relationship with ex-wife Kelis.

When asked if Nas thought he had put out his best work yet, the veteran rapper was unsure. "I dunno if I done my best. I think what's next to come is crazy. 'Cause the zone I'm in right now is just, so right. I'm happy to be at the place I am at right now to make music. I dunno what just got into me, but it's like I love it. And I'ma talk advantage of this zone I'm in when it comes to recording the next record."

He also talked on his now-friendship with ex-wife Kelis, whose wedding dress is featured on the cover of Nas' last LP, Life Is Good. "I put it out there in my music, so I'll talk about it a little bit. We were not the best friends for a long time, it was crazy. And..we're just, we're friends now. We're not together, but we're friends now. Shoutout to her. I didn't wanna piss her off with the dress, but she handled it like a trooper."

He added, "We're friends and I'm glad to be at that place."

Watch the full interview below.