The thought of a sequel to Illmatic would make many a Hip-Hop aficionado shudder, equal in both excitement and nervousness. For good reason, too. NasIllmatic is considered one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time by many and some would even consider it sacred. But what exactly does Nas think on the matter? When asked by VIBE whether he would consider a sequel, Nas pondered:

"Yes and No, I've thought about it before," Nas says. "I definitely thought about that. It just has to flow, it has to be natural. I can work on that and if I don't like it [just scrap it]."

But he adds, with a note of finality, "I have to feel it. It got to to be honest."

What do you think of an Illmatic sequel? Great idea? Bad idea? Really bad idea? Let us know.