Nas waited a long while to make a visual splash on his last album NASIR, but that time is now. The Queensbridge legend posted a snippet from the forthcoming "Adam and Eve" music video slated to drop next week on November 15th. 

The snippet commences as the videographer zooms in on a pair of "primitive beings" we are made to presume will take on the creationist roles, inevitably with Nas' Black Power reconnaissance. Just as interest starts to build, the screen goes jet black with a NASIR inscription and the numbered date "11/15/18," the only thing in sight.

Nas material is scarce, so much that his video discography literally runs dry in the year 2014, and even then he wasn't all that productive. These are among the reasons to cherish his rarefied presence, even if it never amounts to a meaningful album, Nas' ideas consistently help pull the cultural spectrum into stable territory.

With Nas making music videos, let alone music, we are never at risk of falling prey to extreme measures. If his last memorable video memoir "Bye Baby" was any indication, Nas is only half-committed to "cutting down to size." It'll be interesting to see how "Adam and Eve" adapts to screen, once again. The New Testament is a pretty good read, even if you swear against its overlying message of servitude.