With all this talk of "King Of New York" going on it's only natural that one of the front-runners had to flex on em. While contemporaries Jay-Z, Diddy, & 50 Cent have largely been recognized for their entrepreneurial endeavors, the legendary Nas prefers to move in silence. Yet the Queens rapper has made no shortage of lucrative moves. As one of the founding members of Queensbridge Venture Partners, Nas has already made investments in several thriving companies like Lyft, Dropbox, Genius, and SeatGeek. Now, reports claim that Nas has secured yet another bag, and this one sounds absolutely massive.

In February, Amazon acquired a company called Ring, who make and sell video doorbells. According to Forbes, Ring was bought by Amazon for a reported $1.1 billion. As it happens, Nas was one of the first people to invest in Ring; as a result, the deal netted him over $40 Million, as reported by WeBuyBlack. Nas is apparently in good company, as none other than Shaquille O'Neal also happened to be an investor in the company, agreeing to appear in Ring advertisements in exchange for an equity stake.

Suffice it to say, Nas can add this one to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. Congratulations to the one and only Escobar. Hopefully that Nas album will soon be upon us.