Nas is on a full-blown press run following the release of his latest album, King's Disease. The album marked one of his better bodies of work in recent years and much of that credit is due to Hit-Boy. Over the past week, Nas has shared a lot of untold tales but in a recent interview with Wayno, he discussed his relationship with 50 Cent which goes way back. Wayne asked Nas about the time Fif brought him out of stage at Summer Jam in 2014 -- a massive moment for New York.

"That was good. I think me and 50, we haven't done a Summer Jam in a while. Him longer than me, probably. It was good because it was Queens on the stage. Queens, New York," he said. Nas then dove into their history together from back in the day.

"My man used to hang with me all the time. I mean, studio vibes. We went on tours together," he continued. "Me and Fif, we go super back. I remember 50 wildin' out. Wildin' out on the tours, like, you know, gettin' into drama in different states and everything. I'm like, 'Is this kid gonna make it?...' I'm like, he's ready to get at anything moving. I'm like, 'you do know you're on stage, you got opportunity? You got incredible talent, my dude.' I just seen it in him. That fire. I always saw his talent and respected his talent."

Check out the clip below.