U.S. Federal employees affected by the Government Shutdown have been invited to eat-for-free at Sweet Chick restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City. The initiative was put in place by Nas, who owns both locations under a vast net of Venture Capital holdings. The invitation was issued via a Sweet Chick-themed Instagram post, boasting a strong letterhead presence. Needless to say, Nas' decision to open house to all Government employees was inspired by an aspirational quote from civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. 


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' -MLK," Nas quoted before announcing his Sweet Chick locations free to those affected by the shutdown. "To all Federal Employees impacted by the shutdown...please have Federal ID and we hope to serve you as you have served us. LOVE." Nas ended his pronouncement with a well-conceived #SweetChickLife hashtag, intended for the neophytes who just joined the "Chicken and Waffle" revolution at hand.

Nas co-owns the Sweet Chick outlets with John Seymour, four of which are located in NYC - only one is based in Los Angeles. Their business partnership was forged after Mass Appeal founder Peter Bittenbender drew them together for an impromptu brainstorm session. The rest if history. At this point, Nas's business ventures are too numerous to count - his civic pride, well that's another thing altogether.