It's been over 47 years since DJ Kool Herc hosted the block party in South Bronx that many would credit as the moment hip-hop was born. Nearly 50 years later, the culture is still going strong and thriving at the top of the Billboard charts. Hip-hop has influenced the world in many ways and with its 50 year anniversary on the way, NasMass Appeal and Scsha Jenkins for Hip Hop 50 on Showtime -- a series exploring the rich history of the culture for Showtime.

The Queensbridge giant and the revered director will be partnering for a series that will focus on different eras of hip-hop through various documentaries. Untitled Ralph McDaniels Documentary, for example, explores the impact of "Video Music Box." Other documentaries and content include a documentary by Estevan Oriol on Cypress Hill and Push It which focuses on the many contributions women made to the culture. Also planned are podcasts and unscripted shows.

"This is something that’s coming up that we don’t want to just pass by like it’s small," said Nas in a statement. "This is the biggest birthday in the world. You’re going to see the stories from every element of hip-hop, whether it’s the street stories, whether it’s the MCing. Whatever it is, we want to celebrate and push this birthday party to the max."

"When we look at the breadth of what ‘Hip Hop 50’ is, you see that our influence to fashion, to language, to sound, visuals. Our influence is global, and it has affected generations, and it’s the dominant voice right now," added Jenkins.

Hip Hop 50 kicks off later this year and will run until 2023. Peep the trailer below.