This past year Nas failed to show up for a series of concerts in Angola for New Years Eve, which had been planned by a Morris Plains concert promoter. The promoter ended up being detained in Angola for 49 days because of Nas' missed appearance, and now is seeking action.

Nas faces a lawsuit from Patrick Allocco, CEO of Allgood Entertainment, who was held in the capital city of Angola along with his son on fraud charges when Nas backed out of the show. Although Nas returned the $300,000 he had been given for the performance, Allocco still plans to sue the New York native within the next thirty days for breach of contract and damages, according to

Allocco's attorney says that he "was basically financially ruined by the whole thing." Allocco depleted his savings during his detainment in Angola in order to stay safe, and has not been able to revive his business since.

On top of this, Allocco's son, who was also held up, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident.