Nas and Kelis' custody battle has been pretty intense, for the most part. They've been going back and forth for a minute and at one point, it got so intense that their lawyers began insulting each other. At the beginning of December, a report came out that Nas accused Kelis of preventing him from seeing their son. Since then, the two of them have reached an agreement in court. However, it seems as if the custody agreement is still causing issues between the two.

Nas is accusing Kelis of violating their custody agreement by keeping their son over Passover, TMZ reports. Nas is reportedly asking the judge to hold Kelis accountable for her actions. However, Kelis has defended herself by saying that their eight-year-old son, Knight, wanted to be with her during Passover. The weekend was supposed to have his son this weekend and he says that the Passover thing doesn't make any sort of sense.

Kelis has allegedly been extremely difficult for Nas to deal with when it comes to Knight. He told the judge that she's told him that he's unable to take the child when he goes to pick him up. In addition, he also claims that Kelis has also tried to prevent him from picking up their child from school numerous times.

After allegedly violating their custody agreement, Nas is now requesting for $22K for the lawyers' bills.