The murder of Nipsey Hussle is still unbelievable news to all who knew or admired him. He was a young man who was doing all that he could to inspire his community, so for him to be murdered and fall victim to a senseless act of violence hurts many. Rapper Nas shared his grief on social media, taking to Instagram to drop some wisdom for his nearly five million fans.

According to Nas, not only is it dangerous to be a black man, it's even more so unsafe for those that have money and carry status. The rapper shared a photo of Nipsey Hussle and wrote a lengthy caption that reads, "We are at a great loss today. This hurts. Straight to the point. It’s dangerous to be an MC. Dangerous to be a b-ball player. It’s dangerous to have money. Dangerous To Be A Black Man. So much hatred. We live like our brothers and sisters in third world countries live. Right in America. Decisions we make about our own life be based on decisions cuz we might not live. It's so deep-rooted. It’s not an easy fix. Hard to fix anything when kids are still living in poverty."

Even with the risks involved, Nas says he's still going to fight the good fight for his community. "I ain’t shutting up though, Nipsey is a True voice," he continued. "He will never be silenced. He still is A stand up General for the People who never left his people. He is Loved by the people. Prayers for his family. Let’s keep pushing Truth for The Man. Love You King Nipsey Hussle/ Ermias Asghedom Respectfully, Nasir Jones."

Other artists have also paid tribute to the slain rapper, including The Game, Drake, Diddy, Chance The Rapper, and so many more. Read about Nipsey's legacy as a rapper, activist, leader, and community builder here.