Nardwuar tends to consistently blow the minds of everybody he interviews. The man is a living legend, digging deep into artists' pasts to blow their minds and take them down memory lane. Yesterday, Nardwuar linked up with Cole Bennett, famed videographer for most of the new school wave. At SXSW, "The Human Serviette" also caught up with Smokepurpp, Lil Pump's associate and fellow Florida upstart. As he does with all of his guests, Nardwuar proceeds to delve into Purpp's childhood, bringing up hole-in-the-wall restaurants and photos of Lil Purpp as a kid. 

Near the end of the video, the interviewer pulls out a vintage record titled Sounds In Space, a gift motivated by Purpp's infatuation with galaxy themes and his upcoming project's name. The Floridian reveals that one of his projects this year will be titled Sound Of Space. Before excitedly accepting the gift, Purpp takes a minute to realize that he had not made any official announcements of the project yet, perplexed as to how Nardwuar got hold of the name. Regardless, the "123" rapper says that the record "definitely, probably is going to be a big influence on the project."

Purpp finishes the interview by giving an outline of what he has planned, including the expected Murda Beatz collaboration in April, a continuation of the Deadstar series and the recently revealed Sound Of Space collection of music. Watch the full video below to see Purpp's reaction to Nardwuar unearthing the most random things about his past.