Redman had a recent show in Vancouver, BC, which means he had a chance to chop it up with Rap Game Andy Rooney a.k.a. Interview Jesus a.k.a. Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Nardwuar gifted Redman some vintage Cheech & Chong rolling papers and they discussed at length a few '90s rappers and rap outfits -- The PHarcyde, Heather B, and MC Lyte. Nardwuar then posed the following question to Redman: what makes a bad show, and how to salvage it?

"I never really had a bad show, it's usually a different connection with the promoter and the fans that he attracts," Redman replied thoughtfully. "When you promote us, you have to promote us a certain way to reach out to those fans that love that underground hip hop. And sometimes, promoters will have just a regular club night, inviting young people through who might now be familiar with the music. Which is cool, but we'd rather rock for our peers and the young folks. So the young people can see the peers of ours rocking in our show."

"You have to connect with the fans," he concluded. "If you find out that fans aren't rocking with you, you go harder. You throw water in their fucking face, telling them to wake up. You looking at a legend, you looking at fucking greatness. You looking at a pioneer in the game."

Watch the full interview below.