Lil Uzi Vert was fleet of foot long before he dropped the challenge-ready "Futsal Shuffle." Exhibit A, his swift departure from a Nardwuar interview, which quickly evolved into an iconic moment of sorts. In fairness, he did seem to think the Canadian interviewer was exhibiting fed-like behavior; his facial expression speaks volumes, bamboozled by Nardwuar's unparalleled sleuthing. Upon receiving one gift too many, Uzi could bear the conversation no longer and fled for the hills. The absurdly comic spectacle soon became viewed by over three million people, and before long, Uzi was making a habit of bolting from the Human Serviette. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Don't get it twisted, however. The blood is far from bad. The release of "Futsal Shuffle" confirmed that the love remains mutual, with Uzi actually including samples of Nardwuar's instantly-recognizable cadence. It didn't take long for Nardwuar to catch wind of the homage, taking to Twitter to offer his celebratory take. 

"Honoured to be sampled twice (!) in Lil Uzi Vert's new song "Futsal Shuffle," tweets Nardwuar, alongside a link of the aforementioned interview for archival purposes. Clearly, he's become entwined with the Philadelphia rapper, and perhaps we'll one day see them converse uninterrupted. Although, given all they've been through, perhaps they're simply destined for an eternal game of cat and mouse.