You haven't made it until you find yourself facing down the Human Serviette. While his antics may appear strange to some, the Canadian icon Nardwuar has solidified himself as one of the most thorough and hilarious interviewers in the game. A perusal through his channel shows a stacked lineup of hip-hop artists; he's never afraid to get the tough questions, even if that means going deep into your past for that unexpected surprise. He's also known as a generous gift-giver, and always comes through with a significant present representative of self. Not unlike Leland Gaunt in Needful Things.

As Brockhampton and Nardwuar are both championed by the internet at large, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one spawn many memes. There's an interesting moment where Nardwuar gifts unofficial frontman Kevin Abstract with a 1986 World Class Wrecking Crew vinyl; in case you don't know, the legendary Dr. Dre was involved in that group prior to NWA. Surprisingly, Abstract felt Dre was a low-key LGBT icon for his stint within the crew. "He was dressing like a wild man," says Abstract. "This did a lot for the LGBT community in hip-hop." 

Nardwuar's deductive skills rival that of Sherlock Holmes. He proceeds to dazzle Ameer by referring to a family friend's record shop around the 2:18 mark. The rapper's response is amazing; pure incredulity. That is, after all, the Nardwuar experience. He is all knowing. Ameer proceeds to reveal his youth, naming a few of the first albums he owned - Eminem's Encore, LudacrisRed Light District, and more.

For the full interview, check out the video below.