Nappy Roots - Concrete Pavement

  January 22, 2016 12:16
Concrete Pavement
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Longtime crew Nappy Roots keeps it moving in 2016.

Longtime southern group Nappy Roots are back with “Concrete Pavement,” and they sound great as ever.

Rapping over the a chilled out SMKA beat, the emcees that make up the group take turns spitting verses. The song sounds old school at hell on this, summoning memories of old school Outkast and other Dungeon Family releases. 

Nappy Roots are preparing to release of Another40AkerzProject at some point in 2016, and this is the first single. It's a great start, and hopefully the rest of the record sounds like the first single. Listen to the first 40AkersProject while you wait.

Quotable Lyrics

Life is full of left and rights / I'm wondering if cash rules
my tank is half empty / as I simply drive past fool
nappy headed while my rooster cap's backwards
ain't think about you bastards / middle finger to you assholes

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