Naomi Osaka has been through a lot over these past few months. It all started at the French Open tennis tournament when she stated that she would not be speaking to the press after matches. Her reasoning was quite sound as she explained that she had been suffering from social anxiety and that it was heightened throughout the tournament. After a ton of backlash and even a fine, Osaka decided to withdraw from the tournament and she even decided to forego Wimbledon which is the biggest tournament of the year.

Now, Osaka is in Tokyo, Japan where she will be representing Japan in the Olympics. Osaka is one of the highest-profile athletes at the games and there is no doubt there will be a ton of fanfare surrounding her as she makes her way through the tournament.

Naomi Osaka

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The Summer Games officially begin today and to help mark the opening day of the games, Osaka got the biggest honor of them all as she lit the Olympic Cauldron. It was an amazing moment and one that Osaka took great pride in.

"Undoubtedly the greatest athletic achievement and honor I will ever have in my life. I have no words to describe the feelings I have right now but I do know I am currently filled with gratefulness and thankfulness love you guys thank you," Osaka wrote on Twitter.

This is a moment that she will never forget, and if she manages to take home Olympic Gold, the moment will become that much sweeter in her memory.

Naomi Osaka

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