NAO and SiR Return With "Make It Out Alive" Video

Milca P.
September 29, 2018 17:03

NAO preps the release of "Saturn" with "Make It Out Alive video.

Following closely behind the release of her "Drive and Disconnect" single, NAO continues the warm-up jog for her forthcoming Saturn album.

The singer previously, teased the effort with her SiR-assisted "Make It Out Alive" track and now the duo has returned to deliver on a video as beautiful and mystifying as the track itself. In it, you'll find NAO as she travels across a vast desert while SiR delivers his soulful take in the backdrop of a bus station.

“The video for ‘Make It Out Alive’ explores the transitional period of our lives,” NAO said in a press statement. “We’ve left behind the old and heading into the new but between that we’re lost. Trying to find out direction and our path which can sometimes feel aimless. This is why I chose to shoot the video in the Californian desert. This idea of being consumed by vastness made me feel overwhelmed but hopeful at the same time.”

Saturn arrives on October 26th.

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