Soulja Boy would be proud, for Nadeska Alexis has secured a new business endeavor for her portfolio. The Everyday Struggle moderator has officially joined the ranks of the Apple family, having landed her own Beats 1 show. While her role on the popular Complex series is certainly appreciated, Newer York will mark a new showcase for the personality, one she has opened up about to Billboard

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

"[It's] a chance to showcase a part of me that people don’t necessarily see," explains Alexis. "Everyday Struggle is an entertaining, intense place for debate, but it isn’t the easiest space for me to have a dialogue or a voice. This gives me an opportunity to be open; I have two hours to play music, interview artists who wouldn’t fit with my other work, and introduce the audience to new artists.” 

With the show set to premiere tomorrow, Alexis promises an intimate look at New York City, with appearances from A$AP Rocky, Flipp Dinero, and It's The Real. "The show will showcase artists coming up now -- sometimes from my neighborhood, in Brooklyn," Alexis confirms. "I spoke to STJHN about growing up between Brooklyn and Guyana, which is similar to my background, since I'm originally from Grenada. I want to hear from the people creating the music about that current sound of New York.” 

The new Nadeska Alexis show, Newer York, premieres tomorrow at 3PM Et, on Apple Music's Beats 1.