This morning, reports flew in saying that police are searching for rapper Mystikal on rape charges. The charges stemmed from a reported sexual assault that took place in October 2016 during his "Southern Hip Hop" tour. While police issued the warrant, the New Orleans rapper has officially turned himself in to the authorities. According to a report from TMZ, the warrant was issued last week and the police were having trouble trying to track him down. This morning, he went to Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department where he turned himself in and was arrested and charged with first degree rape. The reported accomplice, Averweone Holman, was arrested on Friday. 

In TMZ's report, they say that someone from Mystikal's camp has said that the rapper plans on fighting the charge and claims that he is not guilty. Mystikal's bond right now is set at $2 million. 

In addition to the arrest of the two, Tenichia Wafford, is being charged for accessory after the fact to first degree rape. She is reportedly an associate of both Mystikal and Holman. It's reported that Wafford went to the victim trying to convince her to drop the charges against them. She herself is facing $200,000 for bail.

For Mystikal, it's hard to say what will happen in the future in regards to this trial. He has a long history pertaining to charges similar to this.

Apparently, Sex Crimes Evidence have linked the DNA evidence to both Mystikal and Holman. Investigators have received statements from the victim and the witness as well as having physical evidence collected from the scene to back up the charge.

Mystikal has a history with sexual assault. In 2003, he plead guilty to sexual assault and extortion. He later served six years in jail for the charges before being let out in 2010. He was registered as a sex offender upon his release. In 2012, he was charged on a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge where he did serve a bit of time for.

While the only development so far is the fact that he turned himself in, we will be further updating as we get more information pertaining to his arrest.