While Capital STEEZ tragically died in December of 2012, his legacy has remained alive thanks to devout loyalty of his fans. Friend and associate Joey Bada$$  recently spoke about $teez' posthumous album King Capital, stating that it's on the way. And while the album release has been hyped up for years now, a mysterious tweet from Capital STEEZ' Twitter page has fueled all sorts of speculation.

Before he died, STEEZ tweeted out a poignant final statement: "The end." And now, so comes "the beginning." 


The tweet ultimately caused a wide range of different reactions, ranging from hype, to fear, to confusion. While some suspect an insensitive hack, others suspect that somebody in the Pro Era camp is using the page to build hype for King Capital. Either way, it's certainly caused a discussion among fans hopeful that the anticipated album will finally see the light of day.

As of now, there has been no statement from Pro Era.