When Metro Boomin "retired" back in April, many felt the producer was simply "rapper retiring." Yet his absence proceeded to be felt throughout the coming months, and while young producers like Tay Keith, Turbo, and Murda Beatz helped fill the void, Metro's eerie soundscapes and dark-bangers were sorely missed. Time stretched on, and while he truly wasn't gone for that long, his absence still stung. Luckily, it seems as if the tides are turning. Attentive eyes happened to catch several billboards in both Atlanta and New York, prompting many to wonder if Metro Boomin indeed wants some more.

"MISSING. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?" it reads, alongside a picture of the man himself. "All Heroes Don't Wear Capes." Interestingly enough, his "Date Missing" is December 23rd, 2017. A peculiar date, with no surface-level relevance. Doubtless, the date must hold some significance, though Metro would actually go on to announce his departure from the game in the spring of 2018. In any case, this increased activity seems to indicate that a Metro Boomin comeback is imminent. It's been too long.