When Frank Ocean released an intimate letter detailing his love for another man, the majority of fans and artists alike turned out in droves to support the crooner’s decision to take his sexuality public.   Mysonne, is not one of those people.  He recently sat down with VladTV to clarify some of the things he had said on twitter about Ocean coming out.

The rapper is not saying he has any issue with Ocean’s sexuality, but his problem stems from Frank Ocean being “deceitful” to fans by portraying an image as a hetero man.  

"Well basically what I said was I felt that he made a coward's move," Mysonne said on Ocean’s decision to hide his sexuality. "When you come into this industry, we're all faced with dilemmas and we're all faced with choices and I think when you take a choice to deceive a fan base based on whatever it is, whatever it is that you represent - if you represent it, say, 'This is what I represent.' Don't wait until you get a fan base following you because they think you represent something else and then say, 'Oh, by the way, I just happen to be bisexual or gay.' Especially as an R&B artist."

Mysonne is actually skeptical about Ocean, as if the singer had used this as a ploy to sell more records, with the release of his debut LP Channel Orange being available for digital sales early. 

 "I felt that the timing, also, made it real suspect to me. Oh, now you wait until your album's about to drop?”  Mysonne continued, “the Hip Hop community is already under fire, and when we keep using these cheap gimmicks and strategies to sell records, and build up, it just demeans the quality of what we do."

He then went on to defend himself, as some people are accusing him as using this platform to gain notoriety.  The rapper closes the interview with saying “my thing is this, be who you are, just be who you are.”