It's well established at this point that football is a violent sport but sometimes, certain actions go well beyond the scope of a football field. On Thursday night, Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns got into a huge altercation with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. The whole situation took the NFL world by storm and immediately created a firestorm on Twitter. As you can see from the clip below, Garrett tackles Rudolph which results in a bit of a melee. That's when Garrett rips Rudolph's helmet off and attacks him with it. The Steelers offensive line takes Garrett to the ground and promptly gives him the business.

Once this play made its way to Twitter, fans, pundits, and players were up in arms over what had just happened. Some people are calling for Garrett to be suspended for the rest of the season while others want him to get arrested for assault. Clearly, the latter is not going to happen but it's interesting to see the wide array of reactions to what just happened. Even Garrett's own teammate, Baker Mayfield, was upset with what happened and had some interesting words about the whole thing.

Check out some of the most prominent reactions below.