Just a few days after R. Kelly protestors marched outside of the singer's Chicago studio another wave of activists have surrounded Sony's New York headquarters protesting that the singer be dropped from RCA Records. Organized by Black Women's Blueprint, Care2, Color of Change, CREDO, Girls for Gender Equity, NOW-NYC, and UltraViolet the crew of people delivered a petition signed by 217,394 people who agree that R. Kelly should be removed from their roster of talent. 

"R. Kelly has been able to continue to prey on vulnerable Black girls for so long because companies like RCA - his record label - provide him a revenue stream to maintain his sex trafficking operation and a veneer of public credibility," the Facebook event for the protest reads.


The label has yet to make a statement on the matter but has reportedly halted any new music from being released. 

“We're here to say that as organizers, as people, as survivors, as people who love black women and girls, that we care about black women and girls. We're also here to say that any person, business and institution and anyone witnessing his abusive power but chose to turn the other way when it comes to protecting black women.... Today, RCA, your number is called,” president of Girls for Gender Equity, Joanne N. Smith, said at the protest