Billboard sent out a poll to 50 or so of the top music industry execs earlier this year, and they've now begun to roll out the results. So far, the voters have not been kind to hip-hop, with the few categories that involved the genre coming out pretty negative.

First off, rap came out on top for the question: "What genre of music do you despise the most?," with EDM and Pop coming in as runner-ups. Later on, the pretty biased question, "How Long Do You Give Tidal?" had 71% of voters answering "one year or less". 

Most of the praise was reserved for Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, who were mentioned both in a question regarding artists to sign, as well as who should be running their own label.

Elsewhere, Jimmy Iovine (who's known for his work with Dr. Dre, and is now in business with Apple) was named the most talented exec in the industry, while Mariah Carey listed as an artist execs would like to help make a comeback.

Check out the first results from the poll here.