Battle rap really doesn't get the recognition it deserves these days. While hip-hop enthusiasts are watching to see who the best rapper is bar-for-bar, sometimes things get too heated in the ring. Over the weekend, URL's Summer Impact Reloaded took place where Murda Mook and Calicoe were battling Brizz Rawsteen and T-Top. What started off as being a battle of words got physical in a matter of seconds.

A fight broke out in the middle of URL Summer Impact Reloaded between Murda Mook and Brizz Rawsteen. Footage surfaced online of Murda Mook spitting bars on stage before Brizz tried to grab him. Mook then swung on Brizz and the whole stage began to brawl immediately after. Truthfully, it's kind of humorous because Mook is still mic'd up and is heard repeatedly yelling, "Stop playin' with me, bro!"

Some people weren't impressed by the conduct exhibited during the battle including Hollow Da Don who took to YouTube to send a message to all battle rappers. Much like any other sports such as basketball or boxing, Hollow Da Don said that rappers need to be able to keep their personal feelings in check.

"I heard the n***a Mook punched Brizz. I don't care what the situation is, we must control ourselves," he said. "If we professionals at this shit, you gotta control your feelings no matter what we doing. If it boxing, rap, basketball like control your feelings especially if you a vet or a legend."