At this time, there have been several songs referencing Fortnite in their lyrics. 03 Greedo comes to mind with his track named after the viral game. With so many rappers fascinated with Fortnite’s gameplay as even Drake logged on to play with Ninja earlier this year, it’s not surprising for the rap community to be penning full songs about Fortnite. The next in line to continue the madness is Yung Bans.

You may recall Murda Beatz previewing a track on his Instagram based on the game’s music and it looks like that instrumental has been picked up by the Freebandz associate. Fresh off the release of Volume 5 of his self-titled mixtape series, Bans looks to be dropping a brand new single, produced by Murda Beatz, this week. From the looks of it, either Murda worked on a brand new beat for the young Atlanta rapper or he’s finally found a taker for the instrumental he previewed in April. Writing on Twitter that the track would be releasing this week, one can only assume that “Fortnite” is slated for a Friday release.

The upcoming drop continues to prove Yung Bans’ consistency in terms of the quantity of his releases. Choosing to distribute tons of his music this year alone, Bans has gained a lot of respect in the rap game and through his close relationship with Future, he’s bound to keep growing throughout the next few years. Stay tuned for his “Fortnite” single.