Mulatto Refuses To Entertain The Scammers On "In My Bag"

Alex Zidel
May 22, 2020 13:00

Mulatto stars in a special Quarantine Edition of our popular In My Bag series.

One of the fastest rising female rappers in the game, Mulatto is catching everybody's attention. Recently, she has proven herself to be a major force, spitting bars and serving looks. This week, she released her brand new single "He Say She Say" and she also blessed us with the latest Quarantine Edition of In My Bag.

Emptying out her YSL purse, Big Latto went through all of the essentials that she keeps on her during the day. Although she isn't leaving the house as often as she used to, running business through Zoom calls and only hitting the store for essential goods, Mulatto still carries her bag around with everything she could possibly need.

The rapper has got all the regular necessities stashed. She keeps her favorite Baccarat perfume on deck in case she needs a quick spray, also ensuring that she's got a phone charger on her. She also keeps a pair of designer sunglasses in her bag before explaining the explicit reason why she bought a pair of Airpods.

Mulatto pulls out more essentials, like lotion and lip care products, before refusing to show off her wallet.

"Y'all be scammin' and y'all be screenshottin' and I don't got time for that so I'm not gon' pull that out," she says about the variety of debit and credit cards stashed away safely. She did take out some small change though, explaining that she likes to bless the lil' homies with some quick cash when she sees kids selling water during a drive.

Watch the new episode of In My Bag above and be sure to stream Mulatto's new single here.

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