Mulatto has officially reached new levels to her fame. After telling the world that she locked down a man a few months ago, people have been trying to figure out exactly who she's dating. A number of rappers have been theorized, including Key Glock (who denied the rumors), BRS Kash (who also said they were just friends), and 21 Savage. Fans of the platinum-certified Atlanta rapper continue to find hints in her social media posts that could point to an answer and it looks like her latest shots from her vacation in paradise are being used as some sort of evidence by the blogs.

The only reason why people were even theorizing that Mulatto was spending time with 21 Savage is that, in December, they were seen embracing similar sceneries in Puerto Rico. At the time, it felt like the speculation was a massive reach. Now there's an even bigger stretch being brought to the table as Latto's new pictures have been inspected by fans, who think they've spotted the shadow of 21 Savage.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Big Latto wears an animal-print bikini and Chanel accessories in the sultry photos, but what's getting the most attention from the pics is the person's shadow who's holding the camera. In one of the shots, fans are convinced that the silhouette of the person snapping the flash is none other than 21 Savage. As of now, neither 21 nor Mulatto have confirmed.

It seems like everyone wants to know what's happening in Mulatto's personal life. Must be nice to be famous... We don't blame her for keeping this on the down-low.