Mulatto's name is pretty problematic. In the past, she's been asked about it, as well as how she identifies, and she's been ambiguous as to what she prefers. During an interview with VladTV, Latto said that she doesn't "like identifying with anything specific" but if she has to, she would say she's "bi-racial, mulatto, I don't like saying I'm white or Black."

In the midst of her current scandal, where she's being accused of stealing a wig two years ago, Mulatto got mouthy, snapping back at a number of trolls who were dragging her down. One person in particular said, "I never liked this bitch she wanna black so bad, hoe HUSHHHHHHH" about the rapper and, in response, Latto said: "I am black dumb ass bitch. Who gone 'hush' me???"

Because of her previous comments about her identity and race, people are mad about the rapper being selective about when to self-identify as Black, accusing her of colorism.

"Didntyousaythatyou’renotblackorwhiteinaninterview?" asked one fan. "YouidentifyasMulatto? So you only claim black when it’s convenient???"

That sentiment was echoed by hundreds of fans who are now questioning Mulatto and accusing her of being opportunist when it comes to her self-identification.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Obviously, this is pretty touchy. On one end, it's pretty messed up to come at someone over the way they self-identify. On the other, Mulatto has given out mixed signals to her fans, so it was pretty easy for them to bring back old interviews where she says otherwise. 

How do you feel about this?